Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Surf Taco

Location: Surf Taco
Rating: Not Great
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  1380 yen
Payment: Cash Only
Dishes: Carne Asada Quesadilla
English Menu:Yes

Surf Taco serves "mexican" food...but also burgers and stuff.  They have delicious looking pictures outside of their food.  However they seem to always be closed when I am walking by.  Since they seem to only be open in the evening, I figured I should stop by and see what they have.

For some reason I decided to get a quesadilla, mainly because I was curious what a 1380 yen quesadilla might taste like.  They cooked the meat on the grill right there and I even asked for some avocado to go with it (which I think I ended up getting for free).  I got it to go and took it home to see what wonders I would behold

Behold!  A really expensive ordinary quesadilla!
It was a mediocre quesadilla that I could have made better at home.  The avocado (guacamole really) was good I guess.  The meat was miniscule...I don't know what happened between seeing it being grilled and getting into the quesadilla.  Maybe they cut off tiny pieces and saved the rest for the next order.  The cheese was processed stuff and there were no veggies.  Quite the unsatisfying meal, I can't really recommend this place, though maybe their burritos or tacos are better.  They are certainly cheaper.

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