Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Location: Onyasai

Rating: Not great
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  3250 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes:Spicy shabu-shabu and sukiyaki
English Menu:No

********* Update 2/4/2018 ************
Actually it's been a while now that this place has been closed.  It's been replaced by an equally unpleasant restaurant called Hanamaru that servers tempura/udon.

Ugh..I guess I simply don't like shabu shabu.  I thought I'd try a new place (to me) even though I generally am not fond of shabu shabu.  It lived up to my expectations.  Shabu shabu is just weirdly hard for some reason.  Ordering is not easy, eating is not easy...and I'm all hot and sweaty after I'm done.  It's just no fun.

But props to the waitress who did her best to take care of me...maybe a little too much.  I was starting to put my meat and veg into the pot and she came over and practically wrested it out of my hands and proceed to show me "how to do it"...which was identical to what I had been doing.  I sat back and endured.  She kept asking me if I wanted more meat or veg, and I didn't...I was fine.  I was actually hoping to leave as soon as I could.

This place has a funky pot that it is divided into two halves (ala yin yang) so you can get two different sauces to cook your meat in.  I went for the spicy shabu shabu and the sukiyaki sauce.  Their sign says they do sukiyaki (which I prefer to shabu shabu) but there wasn't much choice on the menu in that vein.

That's about it I guess...it wasn't fun, it was expensive, and I probably won't be reviewing many more shabu shabu restaurants on this blog.

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