Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kagetsu Arashi

Location: Kagetsu Arashi

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch
Price:   900 yen
Payment:  Cash only (vending machine)
Dishes:  Golden miso ramen with an egg and negi toppings
English Menu:No

 Kagetsu is a favorite of some at work, but I've rarely eaten there.  Mainly because it's right next to Kami Buta which is so good I have trouble not eating there when I have the choice.  But part of the reason I started this review site was to force myself to keep trying new things, so I figured it was time for a review.  I happened to have my car with me today so I was able to get off base without broiling in the sun.  There's a convenient parking lot close to this block that I use frequently.  It's pretty cheap too.

 Kagetsu is a ramen chain, with in your face advertising.  I went for the "golden miso" ramen this time, and it was decent.  Not the best ever, but pretty good.  I'd eat here again and try some of their other things, especially the special cold ramen for summer.  I shoulda eaten that.

It's only 700 yen, but I added an egg and some negi for an extra 100 yen each.

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