Sunday, August 16, 2015


Location: Stoneburg

Rating: Not great
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  2280 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Mixed grill (Shrimp, chicken, hamburg)
English Menu: Yes

There are many "family" style restaurants in Japan that seem to focus on "hamburg" which is basically ground meat with spices and filler and served as a kind of steak substitute (salisbury steak?).  It's a popular form of Western food here.  I really dislike it myself, though I'm not sure why.  I like hamburger on a hamburger, and I like meatloaf sometimes, but this stuff is is just weirdly bland and soft.

But...I had never eaten at Stoneburg before, and it has been a while since I reviewed a place I didn't really like much.  I know there's no chance of getting the whole family to eat here, so it's a good time for it.  Stoneburg is on the top floor of More's City, which is a mall right next to Yokosuka Chuo station.  We don't get down there very often, but now that I'm running dry of places nearby, I might start hitting those restaurants more.

It's place that's welcoming to Americans, with english in the menu, a salad, soup, rice and curry bar, and the waiters all wear cowboy hats!  They also play interesting music, which at one point had me cringing in my seat.  I felt like eating *meat* so I ordered the summer special plate with hamburg, fried chicken and shrimp tempura.  This came with the full bar (salad, rice, soup and curry), so I got myself a salad, soup and rice.  The soup was plain, but tasty enough.

The meal arrived, a hot plate full of meat.  They cut the hamburg in half and laid it downwards as it was still pink.  So they said to leave it there for a few minutes to finish cooking.  They put this little collar around it to contain the splatter.  After a bit I started into it.  The hamburg was pretty much what I expected...meh.  Weirdly soft.  The fried chicken was yummy.  The shrimp was unremarkable.  So yeah, not really my cup'o'tea I guess.  They do have steaks, which might be good, but still I think I'd rather eat many other places in the future.

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