Saturday, August 22, 2015


Location: Hungry's

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  2200 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes:  Double serving of premium hamburg steak with egg, avocado and ginger sauce reduction
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: Yes

I love being surprised!  Hungry's is a "casual" restaurant that serves the usual "western" food that one sees at Japanese "family" restaurants (I'll try to stop using quotes).  I recently ate at a fancy themed one of these at More's City and gave it a "not great."  Hungry's is not fancy or a chain (I believe).  With smoking allowed, I'd hesitate to bring kids.  But they have a nice diner vibe going on, so there is some good atmosphere.

The menu leans towards the "hamburg" option (like salisbury steak), but they have a "premium" and a "normal" version.  The Premium version is Japanese beef, while the Normal doesn't list a country of origin.  There is also steak and some other dishes in there (pork and chicken steak).  I figured I'd give the Premium hamburg a try, and since previous experience with size was that they tend towards small, I got a double portion.  And fried egg and avocado for good measure.  You get to pick a sauce, but they were out of the "japanese" sauce that I prefer, so I asked for the ginger sauce from the pork dish and they said no problem.

It took a while to cook, but when it arrived I realized I didn't need a double portion.  The hamburg steaks were these large balls of meat, well cooked, and they weren't that strangely soft texture that other hamburg I've had possessed.  It was even a little dry, but that was fine because of the delicious sauce!  Wow, that was a great reduction, including steak juice in there I'm sure, salty but a perfect complement to the rice and the hamburg.  There were some nice crispy wedge fries too, and of course the egg was done perfectly, the yolk still soft, and the avocado was fresh and excellent.

So, what a pleasant experience!  It was a ton of food, more than I needed, but now I know their portions are large, so I'll got with just one next time for sure.  It's nice to find a version of hamburg I can recommend and revisit.

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