Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Location: Konnichiya

Rating: Not great
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  1300 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes: Mixed sashimi, keema egg rolls
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: Yes (but good ventilation)

Gotta love a good pun!  The "Konnichiya" combines "konnichiwa" ("Good day" greeting equivalent), but replaces the "wa" with "ya" and uses the kanji that is usually associated with stores, restaurants or shops.  It's cute...

The location of the Konnichiya, however, is anything but cute, being smack in the middle of the seediest section of the "honch", the bar crawl section of Yokosoka.  It is, actually, a bar, though more of an izakaya.  I had never been in before, but wanted to poke my head in just in case it was worth stopping for.  Turns out the inside is much nicer than the outside, and the air conditioning/ventilation is sufficient to sweep all the smoke away without making it a horrible place to eat.

The English menu is a bit abbreviated, but I used it because it is easier.  I ordered the mixed sashimi plate and initially the avocado salad, but unfortunately avocado is "oyasumi" which can mean "on vacation" or "taking a nap" or just "on a break."  I think the best translation in this case would be "out of season."  So I went for the oddly named "egg roll with curry meat." I think my brain was trying to slot this name into some kind of Japanese food, like a tamago egg rolled up with meat inside.  Of course...it was an egg roll...you know...the chinese american thing?  AKA lumpia in the Philippines.  With curry meat (aka keema) inside!  I was quite surprised when it showed up, but it was good stuff. 

The sashimi was...well, sashimi.  I must confess to not being a good judge of sashimi.  I mean..it's sliced up fish.  So it all depends on the quality of the fish...not so much on the preparation.  If it tastes like fish and doesn't taste skanky, I'm happy.  But this simple pleasure is usually the most expensive thing on the menu, so I am apt to not order it often.  I can grab a huge bunch of sashimi grade fish at my local grocery store for a fraction of the price after all.  So I usually go for sushi, as there is much more that goes into excellent nigiri.  Anyway...

Keema curry egg rolls
It's an izakaya, and as such the food options are minimal, with a focus on the alcohol instead, so it's really not my scene.  Although it was decent enough, the environment doesn't help a lot and I have to give it a "Not Great."

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