Monday, April 6, 2015


Location: Yokolicious

Rating: Nasty
Meal:  Lunch/Breakfast
Price:  800 yen (Lunch) / 680 yen (Breakfast)
Payment:  Cash Only (I think)
Dishes:  Chicken Wings Spicy Buffalo sauce (Lunch), Steak Breakfast Burrito (Breakfast)
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Yokolicious is brand-spankin' new!  Just opened last week and still getting everything together, they are really trying to do a lot of different things with this place.  Part fast-food, breakfast joint, candy store, navy swag, tourist trap, community goodwill spreader, I really hope the multi-faceted approach won't lead to the "can't do anything good because too busy doing everything average" syndrome.  It's too early to tell, so let's consider this the first of several reviews that I'll update as time goes on.

First, it's a candy store!  Apparently the largest in Japan according the info I've heard.  I guess candy stores like we find in the US aren't really a thing here, where you go through the bins, load up your bag and pay by the weight.  Well, now they're a thing in Yokosuka.  They have deals for each day of the week, where if you're category is up (Monday is Men's day!) you can grab a free 50grams of candy...which I dutifully did.  Thankfully, they have candy of the chocolate variety, so I found something I enjoyed.

For daytime fare, they sell chicken wings and nachos.  I'm not sure if the nachos are ready yet, but I tried a six-piece chicken wing for 800 yen (I think there was an opening discount as the list price was 840 yen).  I'm no wing aficionado, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I found them rather unpleasant.  The sauce (spicy buffalo) tasted like ketchup and the meat was tough.  I probably won't be trying that again.  And 800 yen for six wings was rather expensive in my opinion.

Here's hoping their breakfast fare is much better!  They are on my way to work in the morning and real breakfast options are rather thin here.  More coming in the future...


It's later and I finally got to try one of their breakfast burritos, specifically the Steak version. They have Ham and Sausage or Steak and Sausage burritos available in the morning.  I tried several times to grab one on the way to work, but it took a couple of weeks before they were up to speed.  And then it was just going to take too long (10 minutes) to make one and I was on my way to work.  So I asked for their phone number and called it in before I left my apartment this morning.  It was ready when I walked in the door.

It's a hefty size, which is good since the price is 680 yen.  Quite a bit of potatoes provide the bulk of the burrito, with egg, sausage (more like hotdog) and small bits of steak.  The cheese was ok, but seemed a bit processed.  The salsa was probably from a bottle or can, i.e. not fresh.  Overall not terrible, but nothing special either.  I'm afraid the overall rating doesn't change after trying the breakfast burrito, still Not Great.


It's much, much later now, almost a year later.  Yokolicious has kind of gone downhill.  The main restaurant is still there, but there are numerous items crossed off the menu.  The Navy Swag shop has been converted into one of the more obnoxious bars in this area.  The Candy Store is just gone...replaced by some rather lackluster tables.  Overall, it's a sad, sad place.  Maybe it's cuz I only see it during the day, but the bright and shiny promise the place had at the beginning has faded into the usual scuzzy Honch bar grossness.  I think I'm downgrading this to a Nasty.

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