Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Big Boss

Location: Big Boss

Rating: OK
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  1500 yen
Payment:  Credit Cards accepted
Dish:  Bibimbap and jijim
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:  Yes

Update:   7/3/2016 - The other day we were driving by and I noticed that it appears that Big Boss is now closed...though I'm not sure how long ago.


Big Boss wins the award for most interesting logo, that's for sure!  In the sign that looks like a cow above, if you squint you can discern hiragana that spell out the Japanese version of the name "bigubasu".  Most impressive.

This is a narrow establishment in an area devoid of better options.  It's a kind of "big box" store area consisting of a Homes (Home Depot clone) and Livin (grocery and department store).  I had to drop my car off for some work that would take an hour and a half so I needed to find something to eat.  Saizeriya and KFC were not an option, and neither was McDonalds.  I had seen this inventive sign from afar many times so it was time to give it a try.

Yakiniku remains one of my least favorite experiences, but fortunately since it hails from Korea originally, there are usually at least a few Korean dishes on the menu.  I spied a bibimbap (aka stuff on rice in a stone bowl) and a savory vegetable pancake (jijim) and ordered those.  They did have a decent English menu, which is handy at a Yakinku joint.  It appears they are used to having lots of foreigners, and as I was eating, two foreign families came in to start their dinners.  They have  several Set Courses for larger groups (starting at 3 persons and going up), but as usual they do not appear to include the veggies which need to be ordered separately.

The bibimpap was not particularly good.  It was oddly dry, despite adding as many sauces as I could find to it.  The jijim was ok.  I can't say I was impressed by anything here.

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