Thursday, April 16, 2015

Big Boy

Location: Big Boy

Rating: OK
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  1000 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Hamburg Teishoku
English Menu: No
Smoking: No

Big Boy is apparently something from the US.  I don't know...I had never seen one before coming to Japan.  One of the chains in Daie, I don't get to it very often because I'm not very fond of "hamburg" (basically meat loaf) and this constitutes a large part of the menu.  Also, most of their sides seem very cafeteria-ish in quality to me.  However, one thing they have going for them is a salad bar, apparently a rarity in Japan.   I also felt like chicken once and stopped in to try a roast chicken dish that was quite good.

The view from the rear of the restaurant is very nice on a sunny day as it overlooks the bay area between the mainland and the base.  In the distance of the photo, you can see the Japanese submarines and one of the new mini-carriers that the Japanese Navy recently purchased.  It's so cute!

Lunch Specials

There is no English menu, but the lunch specials are pretty reasonable and easy to identify.  Keep in mind that those are base prices.  Adding rice, curry and soup (which I did) added about 350 yen to the meal cost.  I did not realize this, so while 1000 yen for a lunch isn't bad, I was a bit disappointed.  But I gotta have my rice!


The rice, curry, soup and salad bars are walk up and serve yourself.  You can go back as much as you want if you are hungry.  I'm pretty sure the lunch special came with the drink bar, but I only drink water so it doesn't matter to me.

More meh...
The meal itself came on a sizzling plate.  The hamburg was pretty much as expected...not great, but not terrible.  The croquette was so so, as was the the fried chicken pieces.  Pretty much everything was meh.  The curry was not very good, nor was the soup.  So...on the whole...just a pretty much meh experience.  You can see why I don't come back very often.  Nothing is really bad though, so I keep it as an option if I am going out with a larger group (tables), people who want to play it safe, or people who want to eat a lot.

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