Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Location: Taikichi

UPDATE:  It appears Taikichi is now closed!  If I am mistaken, I'll update later.'s sad!
Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dessert
Price:  150 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dish:  Custard Taiyaki
English Menu: No
Smoking:  No

Taikichi's Taiyaki is a small stand in one of the food court areas of Daie Mall.  The only thing they serve here is Taiyaki, a kind of pancake batter fish mold with stuff in it.  The regular stuff consists of "cheese" (please note the quotes), sweet bean paste, and custard.  Of those, my preference is the custard.  I don't usually grab one of these as it can be quite dense, but these little fish are smaller in size than some, so I don't mind them too much.

The best flavor though is Chocolate...when you can get it.  Which is pretty much only during Valentines "season" (whatever that is).  During that time, I will stop in for one pretty much every day I visit Daie...which is usually every day.  For some reason they discontinue the chocolate fish the rest of the year.  But when they are in stock, my wife has been known to meet me at the store for a very special chocolate valentines fish.

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