Monday, April 20, 2015

Ringer Hut

Location: Ringer Hut

Rating: OK
Meal:  Snack Lunch
Price:  430 yen
Payment:  Cash Only
Dishes: Snack size Sara Udon
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Ringer Hut is a chain of ramen restaurants you can find all over the place.  Their Japanese name reads "Nagasaki Champon" which is actually their signature dish.  While not the best ramen, Ringer Hut does have it's positives.  For one, their main restaurants are one of the infrequent larger parking lot options, so if you are out in a car and need to find a place by the side of the road to stop and have some food, it's very handy.  They are also very cheap, and my son loves their fried rice, so it makes everyone pretty happy.  Also, there are generally more and fresher vegetables than your typical ramen.  Occasionally I've eaten there just because I need a veggie fix.

The Ringer Hut in Daie Mall is just a small little place but they serve all the usual stuff they are known for.  There are 2 signature main dishes, the aforementioned Champon which is basically a light ramen broth on typical noodles with vegetables, and the Sara Udon (noodle dish), which is a gelatinous sauce with vegetables poured over thin crispy noodles (kind of like a very thin version of instant ramen noodles).  Of course there are lots of other sides you can get as well such as fried rice and gyoza.

I wasn't interested in a full lunch today as I wanted to review the last 2 restaurants on this floor of Daie, so I just got a "snack sized" Sara Udon.  It's not great, but not bad either, the crispy noodles make a nice change.  My wife is quite fond of this style.  I'm looking forward to visiting Nagasaki proper and trying some local varieties.  I'm sure they think of Ringer Hut the way I think of McDonalds.

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