Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Location: Baqet

Rating: OK
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  1200 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Roasted Chicken with Creamy Tomato Fondue Sauce
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No
Baqet is a...well...bread buffet.  They serve mainly western dishes, but the real draw is the all you can eat bread buffet that comes with most dishes.  I don't really do bread much, so it doesn't appeal to me in that way.  Actually this is only the second time I've eaten there.
It's a bit pricey too, another reason I stay away.  I guess western food might be considered "exotic" here, but not really since it's everywhere.  Regardless, I never really get excited about much on the menu.
This time I did find a dish that looked pretty good, the roasted chicken with tomato cream fondue.  It wasn't bad...though quite small in portion.  I think they are banking that most people will gorge on bread.  They do have the option order rice instead (I didn't see anything about free refills), so I went for that.  It was actually an appropriate amount of food, so I guess I'm glad I didn't have the option.
It's nothing very special, but a pretty safe bet for anyone squeamish of more local fare.  Not a place I will go back to often.

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