Monday, April 6, 2015

Tomato Garlic

Location: Tomato Garlic
The name says it all...

Rating: OK
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  4,800 yen for 3 people
Payment:  Credit Cards accepted
Dishes:  Tomato and Garlic Spaghetti, Calzone, Carbonara, Habanero Sausages
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:  No

Tomato Garlic is probably one of the better Japanese Italian restaurants around.  Generally, Japanese Italians restaurants are a rather sad imitation, but I think Tomato Garlic is a step up, meriting an OK rating.

I don't know if it's a chain, but in Yokosuka you can find it at the top of More's City, a small mall just adjacent to the main train station.  There are several restaurants up there to choose from on the two floors dedicated to restaurants.

We were eating dinner with another couple and their son, so we were able to see quite a bit of what they had to offer.  I went simple, with a tomato and garlic spaghetti.  The noodles were nice and chewy, which was nice, but the sauce just a bit sweet, and not very garlicky in my opinion.  I ordered an appetizer of habanero sausages to supply some meat to my dish, and they had a slight burn, but were not very spicy.  My wife got the calzone, which was a good size, but contained just meat, cheese and sauce, no veggies.  The meats were pretty good, with some interesting flavors.  The crust was a bit sweet for my taste, but my wife liked it.  My son loves the carbonara, so he got his usual.  I had a bite and while it tasted good, it wasn't outstanding in any way.  Our friends got a large carbonara (extra noodles, yum!), and a couple of pizzas.  We got to taste one of them (a Margarita) and the flavors really came together well, the crust's sweetness being less noticeable.

My dish with added sausage

It's great spot to meet people as they have large tables, a good english menu, and they take credit cards.  Also no smoking is good for the kids.  I would say it was a bit expensive for what you get, but I tend to always feel that way about Italian food.  Overall, it's an ok place and I wouldn't mind returning, but definitely nothing exciting going on here.  But sometimes safe and predictable is just what is called for.

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