Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wahoos Tacos

Location: Wahoos Tacos

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  2600 yen
Payment:  Credit Cards accepted
Dish:  Chicken Wet Burrito Red Sauce, Pork Wet Burrito Green Sauce, Quesadilla
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:  No

Wahoos Tacos is kind of out of our usual range, being downtown Tokyo in Odaiba.  We were going to be up in that area today to visit a church and I had let a friend of mine know I'd be in his area if he wanted to meet up for lunch.  He suggested Wahoos Tacos as it was, in his words, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Japan.  Since good Mexican is one of the most difficult to find cuisines here, we were quite excited to take him up on the offer.

English Menu
Wahoos Tacos is difficult to find, to say the least.  It's located in a mall called Diver City (see what they did there?) on the 7th floor.  But this is not likely sufficient information to find it.  The 7th floor is odd in that you cannot access the whole floor from the area you typically enter it.  Instead, you have to go down one floor 6, then walk all the way to the other side of the mall and go up the elevator or stairs to find the outside skateboard park and Wahoos Tacos (the only restaurant over there).  This unfortunate in that it probably isn't getting as much business as it should, but it also means it's hardly ever terribly busy.  Normally a place as unusual as this would have a line snaking around the block, but my friend had no problem holding down 6 seats for all of us meeting him there with coats and bags.

Green Wet Burrito
 My friend recommended the wet burrito with green sauce, which I tried with pork, and my wife had the chicken wet burrito with red sauce.  My son had a quesadilla, because he's actually because he likes quesadillas.  The burritos were quite good, in a Californian baja kind of way.  My friend says the food served there is identical to what they serve in California, and I believe him.  It's not exactly authentic Mexican, but a Californian spin that isn't bad.  I still miss the la lengua wet burritos made in Newberg (Gonzalez Panaderia Y Taqueria) and Lafayette (Marthas Tacos), but with very little else to choose from, Wahoos Tacos is a welcome local(ish) option for us.

I have to say that neither the chicken nor the pork was a huge hit with my wife and I, but the whole package was still very good.  We both agreed that the green sauce is definitely the way to go, and next time I might try the beef or some other kind of meat.  The donburi (stuff with rice) list looked appealing too, but we can only eat so much at one time.

Red Wet Burrito
Eventually I'll get around to eating at and reviewing the one Mexican place in Yokosuka (I don't count Taco Bell as Mexican), but I don't have high hopes for it from what I've heard.  Thank goodness we've found somewhere else to get our Mexican fix (when we don't feel like making it at home).

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