Friday, October 2, 2015

U Make We Bake

Location: U Make We Bake

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  7.000 BHD
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Tabouleh, mutabel, shish tawouk
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: Very large smoking area, small non-smoking area.  But it's shisha smoking mostly.

U Make We Bake is a restaurant/shisha bar on the 2nd floor of a building on the way to and from the US Navy base from where we are staying in Juffair.  It was recommended to us by someone at work as a great shisha spot, and yeah, it is that!  We've been stopping by here on the way home from work pretty much every night since we tried it.  They have a very large shisha area with lots of comfy chairs, a great shisha flavor selection, and great service.

They also have food, and I was late going home last night so I stopped in for shisha and dinner.  Their name is kind of funny and we could not figure it out.  But in looking for their website for this post, I think I get it now.  Apparently they do pizzas, and you can "make your own" and they will "bake" it.  However I was interested in their arabic food so I ordered some mutabel, tabouleh and shish tawouk (roasted eggplant dip, parsley and couscous salad, and marinated roasted chicken).  The mutabel was not great, tasted a bit canned.  The tabouleh was fine.  The chicken was actually pretty good, a bit more tomato sauce based than I prefer, but it was still tasty.  The best part was the bread, which was not the usual pita, maybe more like an italian flatbread. Makes me want to try their pizzas next!


Update:  I happened to be here again for dinner and decided to try "making" a pizza.  This consisted of me telling the cook what I wanted on it (no cream sauce unfortunately) and then they made it and brought it out to my table.  It was ok...ingredients are not the best but I found stuff I liked.  I'm sure the kids would like it.

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