Saturday, October 3, 2015


Location: Lanterns

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner to go
Price: 3.600 BHD
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Keema curry
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: I don't think so

I wanted to get something to go with the extra rice I have at the hotel for breakfast last night, so I stopped at Lanterns which is a Chinese/Indian restaurant (emphasis on the Indian I think) located in the same building as U Make We Bake (my favorite shisha spot).  It's a pretty fancy place and the prices are a bit higher.  Since I just wanted something to go with rice for breakfast I asked if I could have a keema curry, which was not on the menu.  They said they could make it anyway, so I waited for it to be made and then took it home.

I just got done eating it this morning and it was just Ok.  I think super cheap keema and chapati from Al Shabab restaurant was better.  The keema was very salty, more so than it needs to be I think.  It did have a bit more kick to it, which I liked.  A fine breakfast, but if it's a sample of their food, I'm not terribly impressed.  Still I may go back to try the chinese food later.


Update:  I went back to try the Chinese food (separate floor upstairs).  I ordered Chicken with Black Bean sauce for 4.200 BHD.  It was quite good!  They also provided some chilis in hot oil sauce, which I love, and it was excellent.  I'm upgrading my rating based on this to Very Good.

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