Thursday, October 22, 2015


Location: Musetto
Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch
Price: 864 yen
Payment: Cash only
Dishes:Taco Rice Bowl
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Musetto is an oddly situation little cafe/restaurant.  It's right off the "honch" aka Dobuita Street, heading up towards the 7-11.  I thought it was a hair salon for the longest time, and maybe it was, but now the bottom floor is this restaurant/cafe, and upstairs is a salon.

The menu items are simple and typical for this type of place:  a few pizzas, hot dogs, and taco rice.  Taco rice is ok, so I went for that.  First, however, a pumpkin soup arrived, and man was that tasty!  I resisted the urge to pick the bowl up and drink it, at least until the last few spoonfuls.  The taco rice bowl was pretty hefty with a rice cooked with something else to give it a reddish color (beans of some kind?).  The taco meat was pretty good, not too sweet, and the fried egg on top of course always makes me happy.  And they used fresh tomatoes instead of some nasty attempt at salsa.  I think this was one of the better taco rice dishes I've had here.

Overall, this place made me more pleased than an Ok rating would indicate, so I gave it a Very Good.

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