Thursday, May 21, 2015


Location: Tsunami

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  1800 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes:  Avocado Burger, Avocado Fries
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:No (I think)

Some of the better food available on Dobuita Street can be found here.  I'm looking forward to coming back and reviewing it some day.  But I think my wife would like to come too...


 Ok, I ate at Tsunami's today, wifeless, so I'll probably hear about it later.  But it was the most convenient place I hadn't reviewed yet.  Tsunami's is known for their burgers primarily.  They also have some curries but I haven't tried them before.  It's hard to refuse a burger when that's what they specialize in.  I'm also a sucker for avocados in any form, and they have a delicious avocado burger.  I also saw a new item (to me) on them menu...avocado fries!  So I succumbed and tried those as well.  It was waaaay too much food for lunch, so I would advice bringing someone to split the fries with.

The burger is decent, though it could use with a little more salt for my taste...luckily there is some available.  The cheese is processed unfortunately, but the meat seems good, the tomato fresh, and best of all the avocado is the real thing.  The bun is a definitely better than a fast food processed monstrosity, but still pretty white-bread, I like a little more roughage in my breads.

The fries were good too, wedge cut, but fried with a pleasant crisp and not too oily.  Unfortunately, they poured nasty processed liquid cheese all over it which detracted from the dish.  The avocado was more of a guacamole with some bits of tomato, but it was fresh and so I was ok with that.

Over all, this place is probably our favorite local burger joint in Yokosuka.  It's not spectacular, but merits a Very Good.

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