Monday, May 25, 2015

Special Edition: Yokosuka Matsuri Food

Location: Yokosuka Matsuri

This weekend (Memorial Day Weekend in the US) was our local town Matsuri (festival).  We so appreciate that they do theirs unusually early in the season.  Most matsuris take place later during summer and it is sooooo darn hot and humid I don't want to go out to see them.  But it is a fun atmosphere and there's lots of fair food available that you don't get to have the rest of the time.  So without further ado, here are some examples of the food that was available during our town's matsuri:

Drums drums drums!

Teppanyaki Fried Chicken...delicious

Best Yakisoba Award!

One of a kind, and excellent!  Dimsum of some kind.


Second Place Award for Chicken Sticks!  My son's favorite.

Extremely disappointing...(fake) chocolate covered (warm) bananas.  Yuck!

Deep fried beef, pork and chicken with panko.  The chicken was good.

Long hot dogs!

Squid = matsuri food

Chicken skins...just that...unfortunately cooked soft, not crispy

Chicken skin gyoza (wrap stuff in the skin, fry it)...also soft, not crispy

Mask interlude...

Roasted corn.

"Bacon" (not real bacon tasting) wrapped rice on a stick, roasted.

Okonomiyaki...on a stick!

Pikachu shaped custard things?

Little octopi destined for tako yaki

Gold fish can catch these with a paper net

Roasted potatoes...smelled great!

Chocolate covered waffles...probably the best dessert option

Another okonomiyaki vendor (each okonomiyaki was a little different)

More Okonomiyaki

Several shawarma stands on offer...none very good (not spiced properly)

Little turtles to catch and take home (we already have more!)

Big hunks of meat on sticks...hits the spot sometimes

New this year!  Deep fried and flavored angel-hair spaghetti!  Actually delicious.

Candied strawberries

Unique, and not eat this horribleness

#1 prize for chicken sticks goes to these guys!  They will be opening in this spot permanently, woohoo!

Kara age...deep fried battered chicken chinese style

Tako yaki

For the adults...alcohol!

And that's it for this year.  We might hit one or two more but it becomes less likely the more we've been to, it's kind of just the same thing on repeat, and the hotter it is, the less likely we will go.

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