Monday, May 11, 2015

Mikasa Cafe

Location: Mikasa Cafe

Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch
Price:  1080 yen
Payment:  Cash Only
Dishes: Sausage (Japanese) Curry
English Menu:Yes
Smoking: No (maybe outside)

Mikasa Cafe is a relative newcomer to the area...I'm pretty sure it's barely a year old.  "Mikasa" is the name of a famous Japanese battleship from the Russo-Japanese war.  The ship is currently a museum at Mikasa Park, located directly next the base.  As a result, many things in Yokosuka are named after the Mikasa, including this corner cafe.

Located directly across the street from Daie mall, it's also sandwiched between several other restaurants which usually lure me away from its rather plain looking appearance.  The only food to speak of are hotdogs, sausages and Japanese curry, all of which I can usually get better elsewhere.  But it was time to give it a try so I had lunch there today.

There's a lot of Japanese curry in Yokosuka as it sees itself as the home of Japanese curry, especially the "navy style" curry.  Most of these curries are fairly bland affairs, rather uninteresting "home cooking."  We used to make curry a lot when we first got here, about once a week, using the roux you can buy at Costco.  Throw some meat and veg with broth in a slow cooker, leave it there most of the day, then add a bit of roux a bit before dinner and let it finish cooking.  Thick and goopy curry over rice!  It's actually pretty good, but we kinda got curried out after a while.

It had only been two days since my last Japanese curry, and one since my last Thai curry, so I figured it was time for more.  I got the "sausage curry" as it was a bit cheaper than the full on Navy curry set (which included a salad and a glass of milk, always a nice touch).  The curry was pretty normal, with no vegetables to speak of and a few bits of meat.  I did as for it spicy, but there was no heat to speak of, which is pretty normal here.  The sausage was a good size, looked hand made, of a german variety.  It was plenty of food for lunch, though a bit expensive for what it was.

And that's about it...I think I'd stick to order coffee at this place...there's much better curry around both corners.

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