Monday, May 4, 2015


Location: Moaimo

Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch
Price: 900 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes: Kimchi Pork Rice Bowl
English Menu:Yes

Tried to get in here today but it was full (Golden Week!).  Looks like they have some interesting tacos and burgers...looking forward to trying it some day!


Finally got back here and looks like I was wrong about the theme.  It's a kind of Okinawan restaurant, though most of the real Okinawan dishes are only served at dinner (so I'll be back!).  The lunch menu only has Okinawan soba, which isn't my favorite.  I went for the kimchi butadon set, which included soup and a salad.  Both of which were pretty decent.  The salad was small but dense with real leaves (not just cabbage), and the soup while thin was flavorful with what smelled like bonito flakes.

The pork bowl was quite good and I liked the large chunks of negi (green onion) that were liberally mixed in.  If you want, you can spend some extra yen to upsize your dish (which I didn't) though I don't know if that only increases the amount of rice or if it extends to the main meal too.

Decent enough, I am looking forward to coming back and trying the more Okinawan fare for dinner some time.

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