Friday, July 31, 2015

Maguro Tetsu

Location: Maguro Tetsu

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  3300 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes:  Zaru Tofu, Stone bowl magurodon, sake
English Menu:No

The tuna section of the menu
Maguro Tetsu is a funny place.  It's right on the corner of Blue Street and 16, next to the gas station, so very close to base.  But it's very much a Japanese place, probably technically an izakaya.  I've always wondered what it was like in there, so I decided to try it last night.  You can tell where it is by the "cool cat" picture on the building and with the word "Ambitious" above it.  I have no idea...

The place itself doesn't advertise its name, I had to ask.  But there is a nice looking wood cutout with kanji that is lit up at night.  It translates to "Hayama Beef/Misaki Tuna" references to local places where you can get local beef and tuna, respectively.  I always appreciate efforts to be locally sourced.

Zaru Tofu - most excellent
 Upon entering I was greeted by the roar of slightly tipsy businessmen, as apparently a local group had decided to have one of their "mandatory fun drinking parties" at this place last night.  4 or 6 tables were taken up with the guys having a good ole time.  Luckily there was a table in the back corner that I was able to sit at.

The menu is a bit intimidating and only in Japanese, so hopefully you can figure it out.  I found it less confusing than some however.  I was surprised by the large tofu section, so I had to order something off of it.  I ended up going with a tuna bowl (magurodon) in a hot stone dish for them main item.  I also tried some sake, which no doubt inflates the price above, but I didn't get the precise breakdown.  The sake was excellent, I hope to find the brand when I have the chance.  The real standout though was the tofu.  I ordered the "Zaru Tofu" which is apparently home-made tofu in a basket.  It was so full of soy flavor and the texture was so rich, I was totally blown away!  I really want to return and try all of the other options.

Tuna bowl in stone dish
My main dish was really good at first when it was hot, but as it cooled it seemed the flavors dissipated, not sure what was up there.  Also I had to pick out some bits of tuna scale, which is understandable, but not my favorite.  Next time I'd like to try some of the straight up tuna dishes and also the beef and pork.  Lots of stuff on there for next time.

Although it is a smoking establishment and the doors were closed for air conditioning, the ventilation was quite good and I never felt like I was choking.

Overall, this was a great find and I'm hopeful that in future visits I can bump the rating up to Excellent.

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