Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tully's Coffee

Location: Tully's Coffee

Rating: Nasty
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  480 yen
Payment: Cash only (I think)
Dishes:BBQ and Avocado Hot Dog
English Menu:Yes
Smoking: No

 I wasn't ever planning on trying Tully's food, but today I decided to try 3 different sandwiches at several spots I would normally not eat.  The sandwiches themselves were all small, so it amounted to a normal amount of food overall.

 Tully's Coffee is decent, but I'm not reviewing it for that.  The BBQ and avocado hot dog looked best, so I ordered it.  Unfortunately, the avocado part is just goop squeezed from a tube.  The BBQ sauce was not good, actually, the whole thing was awful.  Don't eat at Tully's...drink coffee. 

Tastes like it looks...gross.

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