Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Location: Chukahantei
Rating: Not great
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  2000 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes: Fried chicken with garlic sauce, rice
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:No (I didn't notice any ash trays, but it may still be permitted)

Lamen = Ramen
Another Chinese place, this one is fairly close to where I live.  I've eaten here once before with my son, and we pretty much decided it wasn't a place we needed to eat again.  I ate here another time with a co-worker, and while it wasn't good, I could choke it down.  My co-worker took two bites and asked for his to go.  Then he threw it away. It's a pity because the staff is very nice and it has an open, clean feel to it.  But the food just isn't very good.

Pretty sure their English menus is truncated, but I tried to find something to eat on it.  The fried chicken with garlic sauce looked interesting, and was the most expensive thing on the menu, so I thought it might be a good example of something they do good.  I had to order some rice to go with it, bringing the price up more.  "This had better blow my socks off," I thought to myself.

It was...meh.  The fried chicken had been butcher knife chopped so the bones had splintered.  This was finger food.  So I meticulously felt my way through each chunk of meat, trying to find the shards of bone before they made it into my mouth.  After all the meat was off there was a sizeable stack of bones, so not much meat.  The "garlic" sauce was a very vinegary brown sauce.  I guess the garlic part was the chopped and fried garlic bits on top of the chicken?  The sauce was so tart I could only use it as a soy sauce replacement on the rice.  Oh well, I think I've given this place enough chances.

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