Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yokosuka Commissary Deli

Location: Yokosuka Commissary Deli

Rating: OK
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  $4.45
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes:Turkey Sandwich
English Menu: Yes

 The Yokosuka Commissary Deli makes what are probably the best sandwiches available on base, which isn't saying much.  But now and then you just need a sammich and it's good to know there's a place that isn't Subway (there is a Subway too if you like).  Today I had to move my car due to a temporary parking lot closure, so I had the means to get to the commissary without walking in this torrid heat.  I also wanted to pick up a flat of the best coconut water in a can for home.

My issue with the Deli is the same as everything on base:  sub-par ingredients.  It looks delicious, but tastes blah.  But today I discovered there is something you can do about that!  If you grab a bag of some other kind of bread from the deli (such as asiago bread) or bring some cheese from elsewhere (like pre-sliced sharp Tillamook cheese), they will make you a sandwich out of those ingredients which greatly helps.  The tomatoes are still rather nasty (still green but faked out to turning red), but hey, you can't have everything.  I suppose if you can find a truly ripe tomato you can buy a knife and slice it up after buying it.   After they make your sandwich and put the price on (you will pay for your ingredients plus the sandwich, no discounts), you take all of your ingredients plus sandwich and pay for them at the register like normal.

I brought the sandwich back to work and realized it was really two sandwiches.  So I ate one and stashed the other.  I may eat it tomorrow, or maybe give it away to a homeless person on the way home (we have several homeless folks who roam the streets here).  And I still have two more buns and most of the Tillamook cheese slices to take back and make another sandwich later this week.  Pretty good deal overall, if you are into sandwiches.

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