Friday, July 24, 2015

Baan Chiangmai

Location: Baan Chiangmai

Rating: Not great
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  1860 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Minced chicken with basil
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:Yes (it was horrible)

The english is very hard to read

Another sub-par Thai restaurant in Yokosuka.  I've eaten here maybe 3 times and each time I hope I was mistaken, but it continues to be a most unpleasant experience.  Still, its Thai food, so I can choke it down.

I went for the old stand-by:  minced chicken with basil (and a fried egg).  Then on a whim I ordered chicken satay too.  They brought a soup on the house, which was ok, except for the celery.  Funny, Thai is the only cuisine in Japan that uses celery much, a fact for which I am grateful as I hate celery with a passion.

Free soup

The main dish was quite the let down.  Very flavorless, and seemingly using frozen vegetables, I had to ask for some spices and fish sauce to get the dish tasting like anything.  Even then the texture of the rice was poor and I can't recommend it.  The chicken satay seemed overcooked and stretched thin on the sticks, nothing like the delicious smoky flavor that Sawasdee manages.  The peanut sauce was also pretty gross, sweeter than usual and seemingly highly processed.  Everything was pretty cheap though, with dinner coming to 1860 yen.

Not good
The place allows smoking, and I had two people next to me who lit up.  Usually I don't mind too much but this was disgusting.  Their sharp, acrid smoke seemed to drench me and I had trouble breathing.  I was very glad to get out of there.  It might just have been my bad luck, but it certainly didn't help the overall impression.

Chicken satay.  The veg was good.

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