Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ramen Shiro

Location: Ramen Shiro

Rating: Excellent
Meal: Dinner
Price: 930 yen
Payment: Cash only, vending machine
Dishes: Medium soy sauce ramen, an egg, spicy miso paste
English Menu: No
Smoking: No

*** Update ***
I've upgraded this place to an Excellent rating after returning and trying the chicken broth ramen.  My wife said it may be the best ramen she's ever had.

As I was walking home from "first dinner" last night I walked past a new ramen shop near Kenritsudaigaku station.  I thought I had enough room for a small bowl of ramen, so I stopped in to check it out.

Soy sauce chicken broth ramen

There are two types of ramen and one type of tsukemen.  The first featured what looked like white chicken meat with white broth.  I'm not fond of white chicken meat, so I went for the pork meat with soy sauce broth.  I also added an egg and spicy miso paste.

The ramen arrived with beautifully arranged, lightly blanched vegetables.  I was worried the broth would be super light, but it was actually nicely rich with flavors of soy sauce and chicken broth.  The charshu was quite good, soft and fatty.  The noodles are a thinner variety, but not quite hakata style.  I was also pleased to add some fried onion bits and another onion sauce with oil and blackened onion bits.  Overall the flavors were quite strong and delicious, so I was pleasantly surprised.

On my way out, the chef informed me that the main broth used in the white ramen was superior, so I asked for a taste, and he obliged.  He was right...even richer chicken goodness, with a creamy mouthfeel.  I am excited to bring my wife back here as she quite likes a good chicken broth...but really, who doesn't?

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