Monday, November 30, 2015


Location: Malika

Rating: Not great
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price: 1250 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes:Butter chicken kid's meal, nasi goreng
English Menu:Yes
Smoking: No

My son and I were experimenting with using the bus to get to his friend's house the other day and afterwards found ourselves in Oppama for lunch.  Oppama is a station on the way up from Yokosuka towards Yokohama, but you must be riding on the Red Express or Black Local lines to stop there.  The Green Express doesn't stop there.  Anyway, we wandered a short distance from the station and I spotted the Indian flag in the distance, so that settled it for lunch!  Malika must be a newer restaurant as Google Maps still has an different restaurant listed at that location and visible in Street View.

Kid's butter chicken set with naan

I was hoping maybe this restaurant had escaped the stamp of sameness that pervades all the Indian restaurants in Yokosuka (i.e. Nepalese staff, very simple flavors, sweet naan), but unfortunately that wasn't the case.  My son at his chicken but disliked the texture of the his butter chicken.  I had the "nasi goreng" for something different (nasi goreng is an Indonesian rice dish).  They also had "indian chahan" (aka fried rice) on the menu, to which my son said that Indian chahan would just be biryani wouldn't it?  I don't know, but I didn't try it to find out.  I was sold by the fried egg on top.

Nasi goreng

I liked my nasi goreng, but it wasn't incredible.  It did have some chunks of shrimp in it that I didn't expect.  I had a cold and wasn't tasting very well at the time, so I dumped more spicy sauce on and enjoyed the fire.  I tasted my son's naan and it was still sweet, blech.  I asked where the proprietor was from and sure enough...Nepal.  But he said he wasn't affiliated with any of the 3 main franchises in Yokosuka, so I guess he's going out on his own.  A pity he couldn't make better tasting food.

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