Sunday, November 22, 2015

Warung Indo

Location: Warung Indo

Rating: Very good
Meal: Dinner
Price: 1390 pesos
Payment: Cash only
Dishes: Chicken satay nasi goreng, vegetable curry, chicken satay, roast chicken, chicken and mushroooms
English Menu: Yes

We are on vacation in Manila this week!  Yay, new food!  We arrived yesterday in time for dinner, so we walked around to the back side of the hotel where we are staying (Salcedo Suites) to a place my dad recommended called Warung Indo, billed as a "Chinese and Indonesian" restaurant.  We are still adjusting to the prices and portion sizes here, so we kind of over ordered.

My son likes the fried rice, which translates to nasi goreng in Indonesian food, so he got a "chicken satay" nasi goreng.  It was humongous and I can't believe he managed to get it all down, but he did!  He didn't care for the fried egg which was the strangely overdone style.  I ate it for him.

We had to get chicken satay of course, and this was pretty good, although the chicken was all white meat which is sad to me.  But the peanut sauce was really legit, not creamy like it usually is in other places, but darker with peanut bits in it.  And it was a huge platter of chicken, not just 2 or 3 sticks like I've had before.  We also ordered a "roast chicken" dish, which turned out to be more white meat chunks roasted, with a hot dipping sauce.

We got a vegetable curry dish which was my favorite.  Very yellow and creamy, but not milky creamy.  Chock full of big hearty vegetables.  The worst dish by far was the chicken and mushroom, which we distinctly recall ordering from the rice section.  It turned out to be a stir fry dish, and of course the chicken was white and the mushrooms were canned.  Overall it was pretty flavorless.  Must have been a "chinese" dish.

After all that, it was only a 1390 pesos which  translates  to about $30...quite a deal  for a huge amount of  food.   This place rates a Very Good, despite a couple of missteps.

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