Thursday, November 19, 2015


Location: Hirabayashi

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch
Price: 950 yen
Payment: Cash only
Dishes:Dry curry set
English Menu: No

This place has a lot of character.  Hirabayashi is a funny looking little cafe/restaurant that may only be open for lunch, and seemingly to me, rarely open.  I have tried to eat here for lunch for the past 4 weeks but keep missing the right day.  Today (a Thursday) I made it!

There is a rotating red and white pole, like a barber shop, outside, but it's not a barber shop.  Inside it's all wood...wood floors, wood tables and chairs, and wood bar (but it's not a bar).  There are lots of little old ladies inside drinking tea or coffee.  And occasionally (it seems) some smoke, as I saw some ash trays to the side.  But it didn't stink while I was there.  They also have "art" of various kinds that some patrons were admiring.  I dunno...not my thing.  There was soft jazz playing in the background and the decor was very retro.  A nice (unintentional) touch is the occasional passing of the train overhead, which rattles everything.  Overall a very nice vibe.

The menu is quite simple, tending towards the "standard" western cafe foods (as interpreted by Japan):  curry, omurice, etc...  I saw some "dry curry" so I went with that and was pleasantly surprised by the egg and meat mixture with curry spices on rice that I got.  The soup was clear and very simple but full of flavor.  Even the little salad was nicely put together.  I wish I was on coffee because it looks like they might make a mean cup, but I'm off right now so I had some tea.

Overall it's a cute spot that I wouldn't mind meeting someone at for a chat.  And I'm looking forward to trying some other things on the menu.

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