Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Le Bistrot de Bourgogne

Location: Le Bistrot de Bourgogne

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch
Price: 2300 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes:Simple Course:  salad bar, meat dish, dessert
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

I've been hitting the bottom of possible lunch spots in the Shioiri area and today after going quite deep in and back out I realized I had never tried the 2 restaurants in the Mercure Hotel just across from the Daie Mall.   Le Bistrot de Bourgogne is on the 19th floor and it's pretty darn fancy.  But the view is magnificent.

The menu has a nice cheaper option for us cheapos (2300 yen for the simple course) so it was not hard to decide what to get.  The sets went up to 6000 yen at least.  They also had a child's set, so that's nice.  The simple course consists of the salad bar, a meat or fish dish (I went with meat), and dessert.

The salad bar is quite impressive, consisting of lots of different kinds of salads, only the first of which included lettuce.  I took a bit from everything and had a full plate of vegetables of various kinds.  Nothing was outstanding, but it was all good.

The meat dish I was told was Yokosuka pork.  I did not know pigs were raised anywhere in the area, but I suppose it's possible.  It came also with a selection of lightly blanched root vegetables, all of which were quite tasty.  The pork itself had great flavor, although the slice was a bit on the thin side.

The dessert wasn't terribly impressive, being a wedge of some kind of yam pie that was so hard it went flying (into my napkin) at one point as I tried to cut it.  But the orange sorbet that accompanied it was excellent and brightly flavored.  There was also a frozen raspberry that was a nice finishing touch.

I shall have to break the news to my wife that I went without her, but on the other hand I have the good news that I'd like to go back with her some time.  They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Hmmmm....breakfast sounds good...

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