Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coffee Shop Sun

Location: Coffee Shop Sun

Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price: 2250 yen
Payment: Cash only
Dishes: Spaghetti Napolitan, Everything Pizza
English Menu: No
Smoking:  No

My wife and I went for a walk the other day and ended up at Hemi Station which is just on the other side of the hill from Yokosuka.  We found this little cafe called Coffee Shop Sun which advertised coffee and pizza on their sign.  Sounded interesting so we gave it a shot.

Not so good spaghetti

My wife ordered the spaghetti napolitan which was not a good dish.  I ordered the pizza with everything on it, expecting a similarly not very good dish but was pleasantly surprised.  The crust appeared to be a pie crust and sure enough they make it themselves (as well as various pies).  It was flaky like a croissant and the goods on top were tasty as well.  If it weren't for the relatively expensive dishes I might give it a Very Good.

Surprisingly good pizza

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