Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pie Face

Location: Pie Face

Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price: 1684 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted (possibly)
Dishes: Various meat pies
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:  No

My wife was in Kawasaki the other day with some friends who were excited about the first Panda Express in Japan, where she saw a meat pie shop called Pie Face.  Since I am a huge savory pie fan and we needed to meet some friends at 3pm in Yokohama on Saturday, we headed up early to have lunch at Pie Face.

Pie Face is located in a mall that's a bit of a walk from the Keikyu Kawasaki station called Lazona Plaza.  There are actually quite a few good looking restaurants there that I'd love to explore, but it is quite unusual for us to stop at Kawasaki so it's not likely any time soon.

We ordered four different pies:  mushroom chicken, butter chicken, avocado hamburg, and a seasonal kabocha.  The crusts were tasty, consisting of a very croissant-like flaky crust and a cute unique face on each type of pie, which is how you can tell what you get.  They even give you a little piece of paper with a legend so you can see which kind of pie you are eating.

I listed the pies in order of their goodness.  The first two were both very good and if we had stopped there I would have given them a Very Good rating.  Unfortunately the last two were not so good and by the end I was regretting having eaten them.  So it ended up with an Ok.

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