Thursday, September 15, 2016

Villa Mamas

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner for 4
Price:  55 BHD (yes, you read that right)
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Rocket and pomegranate salad, 2x Eggplant explosions,  Kofta on mashed potatoes, tangy chicken, baby chicken on rice, royal thali
English Menu: Yes

Kofta on mashed potatoes

Villa Mamas is a pretty happening food spot in Bahrain.  They specialize in Bahraini inspired dishes taken to a new level.  It's very popular so making reservations online at their website is recommended.  Their menu is also available online for pre-perusal.

Eggplant Explosion

The prices are definitely up there, but we were having a good meal with friends so we kind of went a bit crazy.  Someone wanted more of the eggplant explosion, which everyone thought was the best dish we had that night, so we ordered another.  The rocket (arugula) salad was delicious as well.  Actually, everything tasted great, though a bit on the sweet side with the dishes we ordered.  The kofta patties on mashed potatoes were also great.

Baby chicken on rice

The main dishes, while tasty, were a bit disappointing.  Two of the dishes (the thali and the tangy chicken) had white chicken meat that was cooked to a very chewy consistency.  The other dish (baby chicken on rice) was fall off the bone tender and lovely.  I honestly wanted to give this place an excellent, but due to the chewy chicken we had I've had to downgrade to a Very Good.  That along with the astronomical prices of the dishes.  If I ever eat there again, I would go for some lamb or fish dishes, along with more eggplant explosion!

Tangy chicken

Royal thali

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