Thursday, September 22, 2016

Haifa Cafeteria

Location: Haifa Cafeteria

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch
Price:  2.700 BHD
Payment: Cash only
Dishes: 2 chicken shawarma, 2 meat shawarma, 1 falafel plate
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Haifa Cafeteria's location is known among the Americans here as "Shawarma Alley".  There are 3 or 4 different restaurants here, but the one most people start at Haifa Cafeteria.  It's got a nice inside area that is air conditioned, which probably part of it.  When I say "nice" it's fairly clean and the flies aren't too annoying.  This is not fine dining, for that you can walk five minutes and have all the fancy expensive restaurants you want as this is Adliya.

My wife really wanted good shawarma before she went home to Japan, so we decided to take a taxi over to this area for some shisha and dinner.  The weather is finally getting nicer and the humidity is spotty depending on the day.  We were lucky and it was pleasant after the sun went down.

We ordered 2 chicken and 2 meat shawarma, and she also wanted falafel so we ordered a plate.  We each ate a half of a chicken and a meat shawarma and then switched.  That plus the falafel meant we were taking the other two shawarmas home.

The best part about the sharmas is the bread, which is closer to paratha style than pita.  They really are very good, but I think I prefer the chicken as the meat is a bit chewey.  Overall, very good.

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