Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Layali Zaman

Location: Layali Zaman

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner for 2
Price:  8.750 BHD
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Shishtawouk, fatoush, mutabel, falafel
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: Yes (shisha, pretty much everywhere)

Layali Zaman is a lebanese restaurant and shisha spot located along the Corniche just north of Juffair in Bahrain.  It was the first shish spot I discovered on my very first trip to Bahrain, but I had not been back until the other night with my wife.  I quite like it, but it's a bit far to walk to and taxis are expensive here.  Plus I found a closer, better spot at U Make We Bake for shisha.  But it is quite pleasant to look out over the water and smoke shisha.

We ordered the usual:  shish tawouk, fatoush, mutabel and falafel.  There was some delicious Egyptian style fresh bread as well.  A really enjoyable evening all around.

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