Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sherry Nannapas

Location: Sherry Nannapas

Rating: Excellent
Meal:  Dinner
Price:  4.800 BHD
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes: Crispy pork with vegetables, fried garlic rice
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

I know, I know...another Excellent Thai rating...sorry I can't help it, I love Thai cuisine better than just about any other and when I find the good stuff I just enjoy it that much!

I was wandering up good old American Alley aka Shabab Avenue near the Navy base here, checking out the scene, seeing if any new restaurants had popped up.  For the most part, everything was still where I left it a year ago, but then I saw the giant yellow neon sign for Sherry Nannapas!  A new thai restaurant right on the main drag.  I was worried it would be a super fancy place with so so food, but it's more like a hole in the wall feel, very informal, staffed with all Thai folk.  There was none of this business of asking you how hot you want it.  It's just going to be hot, fool!

The menu just went on forever, and I broke from tradition and tried something new because it looked so delicious.  Crispy pork bits with vegetables!  I ordered a fried garlic rice to go with, but you can probably order cheaper white rice.  And on the table was the most delicious face-melting spicy oil sauce with peanuts!  The Crispy pork arrived and included in the vegetables were numerous super spicy peppers which I have learned to not eat all of now.  Still I got plenty of pieces and my mouth was pleasantly burning the entire meal (with predictable results the next day!  Queue Jonny Cash's Ring of Fire chorus:  Oh it burns, burns, burns!  The Ring of Fire...the Ring of Fire...The Ring of Fire).  Still...all worth it for amazing food.

I walked home very sated, through the soupy humidity of evening that passes for weather here now.  You sweat less in the heat of the day than at night currently.  Definitely hoping to bring my wife here when she arrives.

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