Monday, June 4, 2018

Chicken Place

Location: Chicken Place

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch for 3
Price: 2200 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Quarter chicken plate with mini curry, chicken taco rice, blue cheese and honey "pizza"
English Menu:Yes

After meeting with fellow church members we were recommended to go to a nearby chicken place for lunch.  I asked about the name and was just told "Chicken Place."  I searched for it and sure enough...that's the name!  They do rotisserie chicken, a bit unusual here, and their lunch specials are cheap and delicious.

Quarter chicken plate

We walked down (my son is home again now) and got in just before it got crowded with lots of people and small kids.  It's got a pretty cool vibe, but the shrill and loud kid voices on either side of us nearly drove me out.  I must have had low blood sugar or something because after getting some food in me I felt a bit better about the noise.

Chicken taco rice

Anyway, my son for some reason didn't like the look of anything and ended up getting a blue cheese and honey "pizza" (in quotes because it was more like a tortilla shell and very tiny).  My wife got the chicken taco rice, which she said tasted pretty good, but I wasn't too impressed with in the bite I took.  I got a quarter chicken plate which came with a salad and mini curry (half the rice please).  The curry was really, really good, and I wished we had just gotten the curry dish.  That would be my recommendation if we go back, along with just getting half a chicken.  Also, the salad was surprisingly robust compared to the usual little side salads, with delicious hearty romaine that actually took some chewing to get down.

Blue cheese and honey "pizza"

Overall a pleasant surprise!

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