Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Location: Yoronnokaze

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner for 2
Price:  3300 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes:  Rafute, braised scallops, shredded pig ear, goya champuru
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:Yes (smoking section)

Yoronnokaze is one of the few Okinawan restaurants in town.  Tonight it was my son and I, and I really wanted to go back to Moaimo to try their Okinawan fare, but they were closed.  So we hiked on down to Shioiri station to get some Okinawan grub.

It's an izakaya, so expect lots of little small dishes to order from, but luckily they have a good English menu to make the process easier.  It does help to have some idea of what Okinawan cuisine is all about, and I ordered some of the standards:  Rafute (slow cooked pork in a sweet sauce), barely braised scallop sashimi, shredded pig ear salad, and goya champuru (bitter melon gourd stir fried with egg, tofu and spam).  My son asked for a cheese pizza.  But I made him try some of the other stuff!  You can also get a "rice, salad and miso" set, which I intended to do but accidentally just ordered 2 small rice bowls.  Oh well.

It's good stuff, pretty much tastes exactly like the food I've had in Okinawa, so I think it deserves a Very Good, because I like Okinawan food!


  1. A little pricey, but looks delicious! Is that bitter melon I spy?