Monday, June 8, 2015


Location: Hanbijae

Rating: OK
Meal:  Lunch for 3
Price:  3400 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes:  Bibimpap and bulgogi teishoku, kids bibimbap on rice and noodles
English Menu:No

 I'm impressed with how average all the food at the Lalaport Toyosu mall is turning out.  It all looked so good at first, but so far it's pretty unimpressive.  Not that it's bad...just not great.  Same goes for today's entry, Hanbijae.  It's just another Japanese Korean restaurant, but the lunch menu has lots of different set meals (teishoku) on offer that come to quite a bit of food and a good variety.  My wife loves a bibimpap, so that's what she got, and I went for the bulgogi.  There was no kimbap (korean rolled sushi, but not really like sushi at all) unfortunately, so my son had to pick something off the kids menu and he wasn't too happy with the choices.  Finally he settled on the bibimbap for kids, which he managed to eat most of. 

Bulgogi set

The soups were pretty bland, but I didn't mind them too much using them as a palate cleanser.  I liked the big lettuce leaves with my dish that I could use to wrap up rice and meat and then dip in the various sauces.  Both my wife and I got a small korean savory pancake (which has different names in different places, I'll stick with pancake for now), and it was tasty if small.  My bulgogi was pretty sweet, which is part of the experience but it kind of stuck with me for a while.  My wife had no complaints about her bibimbap.

Kid's bibimpap

Overall, like I said, it was a good amount of food and variety for the money, but nothing really stood out as really good.

Bibimpap set

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