Saturday, June 13, 2015

India Village

Location: India Village
Literally down a dark alley next to the tattoo parlour

Rating: Not great
Meal:  Dinner for 2
Price:  2150 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes: Kid's curry set and mutton biryani
English Menu:Yes

As of 5/2016, a new noodle shop has opened in this spot:

And now for the second new Indian restaurant to open in Yokosuka in the last month:  India Village!  Delicious Indian now has competition for the closest Indian restaurant to our apartment.  India Village is down a dark alleyway next to the tattoo parlor sign.  For real.  My son commented:  Who would ever go down a dark alley way like this on purpose?  I guess we would...

So there was a flyer in my mailbox the other day advertising a new Indian restaurant opening.  I was puzzled since Gorkha Palace had just recently opened by Womble Gate.  But this was another new one...and I couldn't find it.  Finally today I glanced down this alleyway and saw the sign.

Since my wife and I had eaten Indian earlier today at Appugar and Rowan couldn't come because he was at a friend's house, we had promised to bring him some food home.  But the food at Appugar was so expensive and mediocre that we didn't want to do that, so tonight I took him over to this new place for dinner.

I immediately asked them which outfit they were affiliated with.  These folks are the same ones who run Nishan which is right along 16 across from main gate.  It's definitely got some similarities including sweet curry and naan (there was even sweetness underlying my biryani) and one noted flavors.  And, like Nishan, they attempted to make me a salt lassi on request, but this time it turned out much better than the last one.

I am baffled as to why there continue to be so many bad Indian restaurants in Yokosuka.  I would think if you were going to open another restaurant here, you would want to at least stand out a little bit.  Give people a reason to choose your place over 10 others that are virtually identical.  I suspect whatever bubble has led to this proliferation will burst presently.  I feel bad for the owners, but it won't be a surprise.

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