Sunday, June 28, 2015

HB Grill

Location: HB Grill

Rating: Not great
Meal:  Lunch for 3
Price:  2100 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Jerk Chicken and California burger
English Menu:Yes

HB Grill is an American, Hawaiian themed restaurant on the ground floor of the Lalaport Toyosu mall where we go to church.  We were sucked in by the prominently displayed lunch menu which included a grilled chicken bento that we figured our son wouldn't mind eating.  But we were seated in the restaurant proper and only given the main menus.  I asked about the lunch specials and was told they were only for seats at the bar.  I asked if we could make an exception and was told it was not possible.  Not a great start.

Jerk Chicken
So we perused the menu and our son was unable to find anything he would eat.  Translation:  there were no rice dishes.  Oh well, he had left overs from dinner last night in the fridge at home.  The prices were quite high, so we didn't mind not paying for a mediocre dish for him.

California burger
My wife and I had the jerk chicken and the california burger.  I've not had a ton of jerk chicken, but I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a paste of some tangy stuff on top of a roasted chicken thigh.  Maybe.  But I didn't really like it much.  My wife's burger was ok, it had avocado on it, which is always a plus.  But the bun was some kind of sweet roll which was ick.

Overall, neither of us felt like we'd like to go back, so that's pretty much an automatic "Not Great."

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