Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ichi Sushi

Location: Ichi Sushi

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch for 4
Price:  $74
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes:  Yakisoba, fried rice, rainbow, philadelphia, california, spicy tuna, oregon, lobster (free) rolls, hotate, tamago, tobiko nigiri, wakame salad
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

It's our last day in Newberg and I wanted to check out Ichi Sushi, a Japanese restaurant located in the old home town Italian restaurant's building.  I once bought a Honda CRX from them for $100.  What a car...

Anyway, now there is a Japanese restaurant run by some nice Chinese Americans.  The menu includes mainly sushi, but there are some noodle based dishes and fried rice and such.  There must be steak on there too, but I didn't notice.  They have a generous happy hour menu from 12 to 4pm and we ordered several things off of that menu.  Also, there was a special where if you spend at least $20 you got a lobster roll free, nice!

As this was my grandmother's first time in a long while to eat Japanese food we got her some yakisoba as she had heard of that before.  My son got some tobiko and tamago nigiri, along with a fried rice.  My wife and I ate wakame salad, along with philadelphia, california, spicy tuna, oregon and the lobster rolls.  Also I got some hotate nigiri to see what that would be like.

Over all, we enjoyed the philly, cali, and spicy tuna rolls the best.  The oregon roll was a bit of an abomination, lacking any rice and smothered in sauce...oh and deep fried.  The rainbow roll was just a fancy california roll with more fish on it, and the lobster roll was also a bit fancier than we prefer (but it was free!).  I didn't much care for the hotate as they put shiso leaf with it, and the rice by itself (not sauce covered) wasn't that great.

Still, for what it is, it was very good, so that's what I'm giving it.  Remember, this is a sushi restaurant in a small American town and shouldn't be compared with the places back home, or fancier places in bigger cities.


Fried rice

Oregon roll

Lobster roll

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