Thursday, November 16, 2017


Location: Kudouya

Rating: OK
Meal: Dinner
Price: 1700 yen
Payment: Cash only
Dishes: Special Ramen, extra egg, gyoza, pork don (oops)
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Last night I went hunting for a new place to eat in Yokosuka.  I walked far and wide, and other than some uninspiring Izakayas and Italian restaurants, I couldn't find anything.  I knew there were a few restaurants up the road behind Chuo station, so I walked down there, finally stopping at Kudouya, a ramen restaurant.

It is pretty standard for ramen...nothing special to recommend it.  Honestly, the food was pretty disappointing, but perhaps because I am used to ramen now.  I ordered too much, accidentally ordered a rice bowl when I thought it was going to be just extra slices of meat.

Giving it an Ok because my temptation to give it a Not Great is probably just due to being jaded when it comes to ramen these days.

I think its time I stopped actively looking for new spots in Yokosuka.  In the future I plan to hop on the train and make my way up and down the Keikyu line.

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