Monday, March 6, 2017

Adamusu Ramen

Location: Adamusu Ramen
Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price: 2010 yen
Payment: Cash
Dishes:  Ramen with half fried rice, Adamusu special ramen
English Menu: No
Smoking: No

Adamusu ramen is an elusive spot.  For literally years, my wife and I have tried to find it.  We first spotted their sign from the road leading to Costco and I said "I must eat there some day."  And then...we could never find it again.  I don't know why, but we have tried so many times and failed.  We've even had "fights" about it.  At last, coming from church towards Costco, I saw the sign.  Yes!

Adamusu is an odd little place, run by two very old people in the kitchen, it's part of what looks like a public building.  It could almost be a cafeteria, but it serves ramen instead.  It's quite spacious and looks like there is no smoking allowed.  As you enter there is a typical vending machine but with no English or pictures.  Turn around and you'll see a spread of pictures with kanji.  If you can play match the picture to the kanji, you should have no trouble.

My wife went for a standard ramen plus a half fried rice, while I ordered the most expensive ramen dish on the menu, the house special.  We turned our tickets in and sat down to wait (not long).  The ramen broth was not the thick tonkotsu type.  I'm guessing it was a shoyu base, but still nice and fragrant.  The noodles were a bit thinner, more like hakata style, not our favorite.  My wife said she quite liked her fried rice.   My dish had several different meats, including a darker marinated sweet meat that was delicious.  The nice thing about a thinner broth is you don't feel bad about drinking it to the dregs, which we did.

Oh, I forgot to mention the side dishes which were quite good.  They had a big jar of pickled garlic slices and nicely spicy red oil which I applied liberally.

We were quite pleased with our meal and even though it's an Ok, it's definitely a high Ok as I do look forward to coming back and trying more dishes.  It's on the way to Costco which is great as I don't like eating at Costco (too much bread!) and it's a nice alternative.

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