Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pizzeria Bar Napoli

Location: Pizzeria Bar Napoli

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch for 2
Price:  2100 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Pizza and pasta with 2 soup/salad sets
English Menu: Probably (the one we saw had no English)
Smoking: Allowed on the porch

Finally something new opened in the old Bravo Yokosuka spot:  a pizzeria!  The downstairs is almost entirely kitchen with bar seating for about 4, while upstairs they have seating both in and outside (for the smokers).  I assume when the weather is nicer they will also seat people on the available pavement.  It is entirely staffed by Japanese, and they seem to know what they are about.

I tried ordering pizza for take away twice before, but they were too busy.  So today for lunch I met my wife there and we gave the lunch menu a try.  It is very nicely priced, with many pizzas available for just 500 yen.  The pasta dishes are a bit more, but there are 4 options available.  There are 3 levels of sets available from just a drink up to drink, soup, salad and dessert.  We opted for drink, soup and salad.

The pizza was pretty good for the price (and we added the cherry tomatoes), though I did ask for some salt to help the crust.  You'd be hard pressed to get a pizza, salad and a drink for about 800 yen anywhere in town.  The pasta was thicker than spaghetti and had that "fresh" pasta feel, not overdone.  It was pretty decent.  We both ordered coffees that turned out very nice, and the salad was a step above the usual shredded cabbage fare.  The soup was delicious cream corn and perfect for a cold day.

Overall we were very pleased and looking forward to return for dinner to try the rather extensive full menu.  Nice to have a new place to eat so close by!

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