Friday, December 16, 2016

Kushiya Monogatari

Location: Kushiya Monogatari

Rating: Not great
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price: 3400 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: All you can eat deep fried food on sticks
English Menu: No (not needed)
Smoking: No (but you will smell like a fry cook afterwards)

I swear I wrote a review on this place but apparently it disappeared.  Kushiya Monogatari is "kushiage" or "things on sticks that you deep fry at your table".  This is a thing in Japan, and probably only in Japan, which makes it worth checking out at least once.  Then you can decide if this is something you like.  My wife and I have done it twice now, and we're pretty sure it isn't our thing.

Chicken precooked

This place in More's City is convenient, clean, and relatively cheap at lunch.  It's 70 minutes, all you can eat.  Be sure to put your coats under the seats as they will reek otherwise.  You go get your sticks, bring them to your table, batter them up, roll in panko, and put it in the deep frier in the middle of the table.  There is an English set of instructions with recommended times.  There are several multi-timers available in various app stores that make this much easier to keep track of.

Chicken post cooked

Aside from stuff on sticks to deep fry, there are lots of other foods available, my favorite being rice and pickles.  But you can also eat curry (for the kids I'm sure) and salad.  There's a dessert section too with a chocolate (white this time, yuck) fountain do dip marshmallows in.

I was suffering the rest of the day from my stomach's reaction to the grease...getting old sucks!  And the pace is pretty frantic as you have to constantly keep getting more sticks, keep track of all the times for different things, and refilling your batter/panko as you make a mess trying to properly coat everything.  Like I said, worth doing once (or twice) but it's not our thing.

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