Sunday, June 19, 2016


Location: Senkushiya

Rating: OK
Meal: Dinner for 2
Price: 5452 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes:  Various yakitori dishes
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: Yes

Last night my wife and I went out to dinner looking to try a nice yakiniku place for my birthday.  However, they were full up.  So we walked around and tried another yakiniku place.  They were also fully booked for the evening.  So we walked around more and found a yakitori place which, though empty, we were told was completely reserved.  What gives?  Day before Father's Day parties?  Or just usual Saturday night business?  Not sure...anyway we finally found a yakitori place to try, though I mainly wanted to eat there for the hot pot picture on the sign which turns out had nothing to do with the restaurant at was just a fairly run of the mill yakitori grill.

Gobo salad (not great)

So we bought a couple of drinks (yakitori places are kind of izakayas too) and ordered away.  The pictures are below.  Overall, though there were a couple of very tasty items (tsukune is one I remember), it was hit or miss.  I'd say it's a high Ok, but not quite enough to break the barrier into Very Good territory.  The smoking and priciness contribute to the slightly lower rating.

Tsukune, quite good

White meat with yuzu, ok

Garlic fried rice, pretty good

Karaage, very good

Thigh meat with stuff on, very good

"bacon" wrapped tomatoes, not great

Negi and chicken pieces, not great

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