Saturday, June 4, 2016


Location: Khazana

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch for 3
Price:  6010 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Vegetarian curry set, chicken curry with tandoori chicken and kebab set, lamb biryani, paratha
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: On the balcony

Last Memorial Day weekend we decided to stay up in Tokyo for the long weekend.  The first restaurant we ate at was Khazana, an Indian restaurant located in the Decks Odaiba mall.  It was some of the better Indian food we've had in Japan, but still not as good as Royal Parasol down our way.  Still, we enjoyed it and would recommend it if you are in the area.

Vegetarian set

I had a lamb biryani, which was quite decent.  Though I didn't run across any whole spices, I definitely got a whiff of cloves and cardamom which are essential to the flavor of a good biryani.  My wife's vegetarian curries were all right, but my son's chicken curry was the most disappointing, the sauce being pretty similar to Campbell's Tomato soup (without cream added).  The naan was very good and not sweet like it is down here at most places.  The tandoori chicken and kebab were both good.  And we got some paratha which while decent, was a bit disappointing and not what I was hoping for.   Needed more ghee.

Chicken curry with tandoori items

Still, it was a decent kick off to the weekend!

Paratha and lamb biryani

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