Friday, May 13, 2016

Taco House Yas

Location: Taco House Yas

Rating: Not great
Meal: Dinner for 2
Price: 2080 yen
Payment: Cash only at the moment
Dishes:Soft taco, burrito, taco rice, chicken nuggets, coke
English Menu: Yes

While I applaud the attempt at novelty, this Japanese Mexican Izakaya is not very good.  Barely open, my son and I stumbled upon it on the way to a different restaurant last night.  I am obliged to try every Mexican(ish) restaurant I see, so we headed down the stairs, which were still lined with the customary opening flowers.

The menu is very simple currently, but the cook (owner?) said (in quite decent English) that he will be expanding menu options in the future.  Usually I can find something my son will like at a Mexican restaurant, but not so here.  I ordered a soft taco and burrito for myself (both pretty cheap) and nuggets because I was curious.  The taco rice was an attempt to find something my son would like.  I should have anticipated the tomatoes (his nemesis) but I forgot.  He only ate a few bites after I scraped it all off and scarfed it myself.  I basically ended up eating all the food (don't worry, he got some yakitori and convenience store rice on the way home).  The nuggets were...pretty terrible grocery store style.  The taco rice was not particularly good either.  The soft taco and burrito were basically the same thing, just one was wrapped up and slightly heated while the other was still floppy.  Ingredients inside (ground meat - no real flavor, lettuce and tomato) were unremarkable, and the burrito shells were the extremely over-processed grocery store type. 
They did have some tequilas but I didn't try any.

Sadly, there is no indication this place is ever going to be any good given what I saw.

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